Your first vegetable garden

When planning you first vegetable garden there are a few key point you have to take into consideration to increase you chances of success. What kind of vegetable will you alike to grow and what vegetables are suitable for your plot or area.

First thing is to  assembled a list of vegetables you and your family like. This to ensure that whatever you grow it will be eaten. There is no bigger let down then growing fine organic  vegetable in your carefully planned vegetable garden, just to discover that nobody eats them and they have to be thrown away.

When you have your list of vegetables that you and the family likes you need to cross references this with the plot or area you have available. Failing to do this will decrease you chances for success with your first planned vegetable garden.

The reason for this is that the sun, space and soil are the most important parameter for  vegetables to grow. If your plot don’t have a lot of sun, vegetables like tomatoes and peppers will not thrive. If you love pumpkin you might want to consider the space they need when growing. When you only have a small vegetable garden, you can add needed minerals to the soil, but if you plan a bigger project, looking at the soil and what characteristics it have are more important. This is not the target for this site.

The next step is to decide on the layout of your garden. this again depends on your available area and how much sun hits each part of your garden. If you only have a windowsill available, there is still hope, but some vegetable might be harder to succeed with.


Photo by aresauburn

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