Why grow your own vegetables

Why should you start as a vegetable garden planner?

Everybody have their own reasons for wanting to grow their own vegetables. Here at the vegetable garden planner we have listed some of the most common reasons and why we think they are good reasons. If you struggel with motivation, this list might help you over the bump.


You get fresh organic vegetables for a reasonable price. Unless of course you count in the hours you spend caring for your newly planted seeds, and don’t count the work you have to do to prepare the soil before planting,  nor the time it takes to harvest the finished vegetables. All these things are called terapy by some dedicated vegetable farmers anyway.


If you are in to organic vegetables there are no better way of ensuring that you get the real deal than making them yourself. You can controll every aspect of the process if you do all the work yourself. You can make sure the soil, compost and seeds all meet the demands of organic vegetables.


Feeding kids vegetables:

Getting kids to eat more vegetables are not always easy.  Our experience is that most kids love eating vegetables they have grown them self. Get you kids in on the project and the whole family will enjoy the vegetables and the time you spend caring for and harvesting the vegetables. The first time you plant something with your kids we recommended that you select a fast and easy to succeed with vegetable to reduce the possibility for failure. We recommend starting with something like Radish.

Always fresh herbs and vegetables:

Every meal gets better using fresh herbs and vegetables. Having a good selection of herbs in your garden or windowsill will transform your plain, everyday dish,  to a culinary masterpiece. Adding fresh vegetables will transform a boring steak to a colorful and tasty meal. By adjusting to the season and maybe moving some of the production indoors, you can always have fresh vegetables available. And if the winter season is to long in your area, select something that stores well or can be frozen.


Why do you grow your own vegetables?

If you have other reasons for growing your own vegetables, please let us know by commenting this article.


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