Growing Spinach

Spinach is another great beginner vegetable.

Growing spinach don`t require any advanced gardening techniques, and in 4-6 weeks you can start harvesting the crisp and tasty leafs.

As most spinach types don´t thrive in to warm weather, the best time to grow spinach is in the spring or fall.  Some types even survive outside thru the winter, if you don´t live in a too cold area.

One thing to beware of is weeds. Spinach doesn’t like them, so use some time to weed once in a while to keep it away from your spinach. Spinach also like a bit moistly and not too sunny area, so mold might become a problem. Clean dirt of the leafs once in a while, and all you have to do is wait, and water.

When harvesting the spinach you can pick of the biggest leafs and let the smaller once grow some more. This way you have spinach all year long. For bigger harvests you can cut of all the leafs about an inch from the base, and then most types will grow out again.

Fresh spinach is great in salads. You can also cook them, but remember that you will need much more than you think, as spinach fall together when you cook them and ends up in almost nothing. Spinach can also be frozen for later use. Make sure you stock up on this healthy vegetable before winter kicks in.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick Saltmarsh

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